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We source it from the families who grow the coffee. We travelled there on the back of a mule, to altitudes where the highest quality, premium coffee grows. Naturally shaded and grown among different species of plants, creating a unique flavour and aroma. 


Each family takes great pride in what they produce and we celebrate the unique quality each family brings - knowledge evolved and passed on by generations of coffee growers. All of our coffee is single origin, uniquely recognised and branded by the family that grows it.

We work directly with the coffee farmers in different regions of Colombia and we are focused on the ongoing improvement of the coffee quality as well as sustainable coffee production.


We're passionate about the quality of our products and we enjoy collaborating with people who are passionate as we are about their products. At the end of the day – that's what it's all about!


We are committed to social responsibility with regard to the local coffee farmers' families and their community.

We have established a relationship with the coffee farmers that is based on mutual appreciation, respect and similar values.




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